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PokeMMO is a game created by fans, letting you play games from the 3DS Pokémon saga on your Android smartphone, where you can interact with other trainers by chatting, fighting, and exchanging the Pokémon you find.

This game has an important requirement, however: you need to have the ROMs for the games in question available on your smartphone. For the game to work, you absolutely must have the ROM for Pokémon Black/White, and you can get additional content for the same game if you also have FireRed/Emerald, plus better graphics with HeartGold/Soulsilver.

Once you register (which you can do for free), you can access the servers and start playing. Customize your avatar and select your main Pokémon, then leave your village to start catching all the Pokémon in the Pokédex.

As for gameplay, it's typical for Nintendo DS Pokémon games. You move your character with a virtual D-pad and interact with your environment in real time, while combats are fought by turns as in the rest of the games from this saga.
PokeMMO lets you play classic Pokémon games online on Android

PokeMMO is far from being unknown, considering its Windows version has been available for quite a while now. It's a fan-created adaptation of original Nintendo DS titles that allows players to play online with trainers in real time in the settings of classic games. The trick is that it requires the original ROM of some of these games to work, where it gets all the necessary resources from. Recently, the creators have developed a port of the client for Android, which is now up and running.
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The app requires the Pokémon Black/White ROM in order to work.